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NTBAckup (Windows Backup) is Windows’s built-in backup solution. It was included as a part of Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP Pro and Windows 2003 Server. It does not come preinstalled with Windows XP Home, but can be installed easily with the CD.

NTBackup supports various Operating System features including backing up the computer’s System State. NTBackup supports Encrypting File System, NTFS hard links and junction points, alternate data streams, disk quota information, mounted drive and remote storage information. However, thing to remember is that it only allows creation of backup on local computer. One cannot save or create backup to some removable media with NTBackup. Under damage or data loss situation, user can easily find the backup stored in NTBackup utility in BKF format.


There are various options including copy, restore etc. All you need to do is run the NTBAckup.exe file. It indicates that Removable Storage Service will not be connected. Click ok and proceed. With various interactive and graphical screens, backup is restored and saved to the desired location.