How to recover data when NTBackup cannot restore data from bkf file

NTBackup is a simple utility that is built in with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems to back up and restore data. Microsoft, the developers of Windows has replaced NT Backup with another utility named Windows 7 File Recovery (or Windows Backup and Restore Centre) in later version of Windows. And in Server Operating Systems starting from Windows Server 2008, a facility named Windows Server Backup has been introduced for backing up and restoring data.

When you need to backup data or needs to restore data from backup, you can open this tool through Accessories > System Tools from the Start Menu of the Windows. Alternately, you can run ntbackup.exe in the Run prompt or Command line.

NTBackup utility saves files to disks, tape drives and ZIP drives in BKF format and restores files from the backup when required. Sometimes, when you try to restore the data from the NTBackup, you may receive the message ‘The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.’ And you won’t be able to access the back up the files. It means that your backup files are corrupt. Then how can you restore your data?

Backup file corruption can happen due to many reasons such as: issues with ownership, mapping or permissions, and accidental system shut down at the time of backing up the data or accessing the data. It can happen due to the deletion of archive bit also. On Windows, when a file is created or modified, a file attribute named ‘archive bit’ is set. And when the file is backed up, the archive bit is cleared. Thus by looking at the status of the archive bit, one can say whether a file is backed up or not. Sometimes archive bit may get deleted due to some problems such as corruption, virus attack or some other error. In that case you won’t be able to restore backup files backed up by the NT Backup.graph

You cannot restore data from corrupt backup files using the NTBackup utility.  Even the System Restore utility of Microsoft Windows won’t restore backup files. So you will have to depend on third party software like Kernel Recovery for BKF for restoring the backup files. Kernel Recovery for BKF is a professional tool for the recovery of BKF files from the backup created by NTBackup. Depending upon the depth of corruption, you can use either the Quick mode or Advanced mode of this tool to recover the backup files. It allows the user to save the recovered files in any location of his choice. Kernel Recovery for BKF works with most versions of the Windows operating system. The trial version of this software can be downloaded from its website for free to know more about it. Visit here


Recover BKF files when it refuses to restore data

As insurance saves our lives from sudden disastrous loss, backup also helps in compensating the loss of system data from fatal data disaster. Users can get instant relief from the pain of losing important and crucial system as well as personal data if backup is available. But situations turn cumbersome when backup files become lost from Windows operating system. Users often face the problem of backup file corruption which restricts them from accessing the backup files.

Suppose, you have been creating an incremental backup on an external hard drive. Recently you found that your computer has crashed and you reinstalled fresh operating system. After this updation, you tried to restore the backup files from external device to Windows. With Advanced Restore option, you find all the backup files. But when you tried to actually restore the files, it refused to do so with an error “The backup file could not be found. Check your hardware configuration or restore from a different backup (0x8100001A).” You check the permissions and find nothing causing this error. The backup restoration process finds the backup files when you click ‘Add Folders’ option, but it doesn’t restore your data.

When user faces situation like the above scenario, it becomes difficult for them to get back their data. Losing system data is a tough problem which can be avoided by restoring data from backup but losing BKF files adds extra difficulty towards the possibility of system restoration. If anyone follows manual methods for BKF repair he/she is not wrong. But if accuracy and successful recovery are concerned, one must choose commercial recovery tools. Kernel for BKF is such a third party software that repairs BKF file affected by any means of corruption. It repairs corrupt BKF archives from all versions of Windows operating system as well as BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software, under Windows, Novell, and Macintosh. More detail