Get acquainted with the solution to handle the BKF file corruption

An individual who depends on computer for either professional or personal work knows the importance of backing up the data. Maintaining a back up and safeguarding the database is very important since any mishap such as virus attack, accidental system format, etc does not knock the door of the person before arriving. Therefore, as a prevention measure professional individuals follow the practice of creating back up file (BKF) on daily basis and the personal users do it on a regular interval of time.

On any random day, imagine the situation that you somehow loose your computer data. When attempted to access the backup file unfortunately you last up encountering that it is not getting accessed. All the efforts put in by you appears to go in vain despite of taking the prevention measures. The reason behind this acerb fact is that BKF file is also prone to corruption or damage just like any other data file.

The above-mentioned issue will get clearer by considering a real life scenario experienced by a user. Suppose that a user works on a Windows Server 2003 system and due to its slow performance, he wants to format it. So he take backup of his data on external media but as soon as he attempt to re-install the data after formatting the system, he encounters a system generated error message:

“An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media”

The probable reason of such error could be that the media being used is in an unmountable state which is not allowing the user to recover the data or the BKF file has gone corrupt. It is generally seen that when the BKF file gets corrupt the character in the file turns to non-readable form or the BKF file does not open or the database in the BKF element cannot be displayed. In order to avoid BKF file corruption, it is recommended that if the system is virus infected then attempt should not be made to install the file from BKF, antivirus of the system should be up-to-date and any file downloaded from the internet should always be scanned.

However, if despite of taking preventions you come across BKF file corruption even then there is nothing to get worried for. It is because the BKF recovery tool works as a cure to the problem. Kernel for BKF is one such BKF file recovery tool designed in a way which provides user-friendly and interactive feel to the user. It efficiently repairs the corrupt BKF archives and databases to recover the EDB, STM and Log files from them. Moreover, provides you the capability to handle error issues like CRC errors, virus attacks, backup interruptions, errors like “Fails to open file “ or “The backup file is unusable”[Unrecognized Media]. To know more about the software, please visit: