Adapt an Expedient way to treat the Backup (BKF) file corruption

Backup2 According to a famous saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. Considering this fact, it is always good to maintain a backup of the important mailbox data and system data so that if any mishap occurs that result in data corruption then the data can be recovered from the backup and loss of data can be avoided. But, to your surprise, even this backup data is prone to corruption. The backup (BKF) file is also maintained on the system itself; therefore, just like other data even the backup data can undergo an unfortunate mishap. There could be numerous reasons for backup file corruption. Some of which are:

Causes which could corrupt Backup file:

  • Abrupt system shutdown
  • Media Malfunction
  • Virus intrusion such as Trojan or spyware
  • Manual error
  • Hard disk failure
  • Accidental deletion of database

Consider a real-life situation where you open your computer and suddenly it shuts down abruptly. Unwillingly, to bring the situation back to normal you had to format the disk. But since you have a back-up of the data maintained on your system, there was a sense of relief in your mind. After the successful formatting, when you re-start your system and open the back-up file to recover the data, following error message pops up:


“[Unrecognized Media]

The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file.”


Alas! What could be the reason behind this? How did the back-up file get corrupted? Probably, the reason which damaged the original data could have also affected the backup file. But now what? How will the data recovered? Need not worry; there is a way out even for this adverse situation. Commercial backup recovery software can easily recover the corrupted backup files. All you need to do is, choose appropriate backup recovery software which suits best to your requirements.

Before you opt for one, ensure that the software is compatible with the version of Windows OS that you are using and also the version of BKF file created using that specific utility which you have used. Kernel for BKF recovery is one such efficacious software that repairs and recovers the corrupt BKF archives with complete precision. Using this software, the user can recover multiple BKF files in a single recovery cycle. It is embedded with two powerful modes of recovery – Quick and advanced mode which enables the user to recover data items from even extremely corrupted data. CLICK HERE :